úterý 2. září 2014

Zöld Macska Diákpince

we had to fing an atm. so we went to see the guy from the camp and he told us everything about budapest. he also show us way to the restaurant, shops and the atm.

then we went to the shopping center to withdrawal the cash. we found ut easily and then decide to go to some local restaurant/pub/bar.

at the internet we have found the Zöld Macska Diákpince - some kind of kitty food cabaret :)

the interiour was very nice and cute, but the waiter was lil bit strange and slow. anyway we get some pancake with cheese and some beer bottles. there were plenty. i was asking for somwthing local and they told me every bottle is local. so i got some bottle around 390 pfenicles and the other bottle around 450. it was the cheapest ones, but suprislingly they were very tasty.

then we went back to the camp. i was si exhausted so i felt into sleep in a second.

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