úterý 24. února 2015


neko-ski all day long. beer and rum. also grilled cheese. then aglio olio and much more beer and games. also i saw my friend at the hill but i was like "it would be very funny if that was actually him" and at the evening i found out it was really him :)

pondělí 23. února 2015

neko-ski all day long

wonderful weather (except the fog) and the snow was good. sadly no pictures, but there are some pics from yesterday

neděle 22. února 2015

weird stuff

i went to our room and found my bag fallen out of the shelf. so i picked that up and there was a drawing under my bag (it was in the middle of the room and there was not any drawing before for sure!) when i picked up my bag, i found there are some panties under the chair. and as i remember there were no panties under the chair before! strange and scary. lets see whats next.

nostalgic evening

boys brought their primary school chronicles :)

on the road

snow :)


ski trip to herlikovice