úterý 9. září 2014

pátek 5. září 2014

friday rest

a lot of diving, little bit of sleep, some curry beans, white bread and beer. and some home white vine without pesticides from our camp lady :)

i think i might lost my diving glasses :(

friday by the sea

friday at the camp beach and sea diving. there are plenty fishes in the sea :)

thursday: bikes, pizza and cats at trpanj

bike trip next to the trpanj beach. little bit of rain, but not so bad. then pizza and vine at trpanj harbour. sunset and cats :)

středa 3. září 2014

plaza vrila at trpanj

at the evening it seems as such a lovely place. cant wait tomorrow morning :) lovely owners (?) shown us the place to park, kust very near to the sea! :) and there are jackals! they are singing to the moon, cool

we get some beer and went sleep

jadrolinia travel

nekobasu travel to the semi-island by the boat :)

camp and beach vrila